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Struggling to find time and talent to get things done in your firm?

top notch accounting talent at your finger tips

We match top pre-vetted overseas accounting talent to time poor and talent seeking firm owners

It has never been easier to hire dedicated offshore talent

Reduce staffing costs

Save up to 60% on labor costs by hiring offshore talent which will deliver the same quality of work and outputs as a local hire.

Dedicated team member

You'll have a dedicated Accountant that you can instill with your firms values, culture and way of operating.

Smooth Scaling

Build a dream team that allows you to scale your firm to the next level by working on your business rather than in your business.

Purple City

Build your dream team

Hiring is as simple as 1,2,3


Discovery call

Tell us everything we need to know about your business and what kind of  Accountant/Bookkeeper you’re looking for.



We will build a custom campaign and present 2-3 screened & vetted candidates suited to your preferences within 14 days. 


You pick

The choice is yours!

We will make an offer to the successful candidate and arrange for their onboarding, start date and equipment. We'll also take care of all HR issues, including payroll and performance reviews. 


Does the staff work for me or for you?

Outsourcifyd hires staff but they are assigned to work for you just like any other employee. This means that we cover all things from HR, Payroll, career development and more so that you don’t have to.


How much does it cost?
It can range from $975 to $2,895 per month overall. We have a flat rate and bill for the entire month's service on the first. Price is determined by experience and qualifications. For recruiting, onboarding and equipment setup we have an initial setup fee of $595.

Full time vs part time staff?
A Full-Time staff works 40 hours per week whereas a Part-Time staff works 20 hours per week. 

Do you protect and secure client data?
At outsourcifyd the protection client data is very important to us. That is why we provide all our remote staff equipment with multiple layers of network security by leveraging top rated industry solutions.


Where will my staff be based?

Most of our remote staff is based in the Philippines.

Our Customer Support Team and Management Team is based in New York, USA.


Will my staff member speak fluent English?

We only hire highly skilled and proficient English-speaking staff to remove the communication barriers you may encounter with freelancers and other outsourcing providers.


What's your cancelation policy?

You can cancel at any time but have to give us at least one months notice.


What is the typical time line to get started?

Typically, it can take upto 5 weeks after picking the right candidate. Week 1 and 2 we recruit & shortlist candidates for your final interview. Typically in the Phillippines employees are required to give 30 days notice to  their current employer.



Hi my name is Anees. I'm the founder of Outsourcifyd and I've also been the owner of an accounting firm since 2017.

At outsourcifyd, our mission is simple: to help firms like yours save time and money when hiring offshore talent. We understand that finding and hiring the right people can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we strive to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

With our extensive network of experienced professionals and our commitment to quality, we provide businesses with access to the best offshore talent. With our help, you can find the perfect candidate for your job quickly and easily. 




Thanks for submitting!

We can't wait to hear from you

Bayside, New York


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